Statue of Liberty NZ911 Truth can only continue with the support of YOU.

For us to keep up with monthly awareness days, exhibitions and DVDs and flyers to give away for the good of public knowledge we need money to do so.

The very successful '9/11 See the Evidence' exhibition held in Wellington over the 10th Anniversary this year was only made possible with the generosity of members and public donations. We would like to tour around the country with this exhibition to better inform the people of New Zealand - this will need funding.

The best way anyone can contribute to exposing the truth is to get informed with the facts and pass on your knowledge to others. NZ911 Truth is the best way at getting the information seen.

Once the world is aware of the facts, the original media story of 9/11 will be exposed as lies and the real perpetrators of this world changing event will be revealed, ending the fake 'War on Terror'.

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