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911 – See The Evidence

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The following information has been put together with the knowledge and evidence gathered from scientists, physicists, architects, structural engineers, firefighters, pilots and witness/survivor testimonies.

Every citizen is encouraged to read and digest this book, no matter how difficult it may be to switch the mind to think anything different to what we have been told on our television screens, as there will be numerous facts you may not know about in this book as controlled media suppresses this vital information from public view.

Once you have read the book, if you are still not convinced, we encourage you to do you own research. The facts are surprisingly easy to find (for those willing to delve deeper).
On the last page of this book are several websites you can start, including NY Firefighters for 911 Truth, Pilots for 911 Truth, 911 and Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth.

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Why revisit 9/11?

Our world changed that day...
2,744 lives lost in New York... and counting
1 million lives lost in Afganistan and Iraq... and counting
6,000US Torups lost in the "War on Terror"... and counting
$4.5 Trillion -"War on Terror" cost to US Taxpayers... and counting

Precious civil liberties removed by the:
    Patriot Act
    Military Commissions Act
    Department of Homeland Security
    Transport Security Administration (TSA)
    National Defence Authorization Act

Today Americans can be:
    Subject to search and seizure without warrant...
    Detained on imprisoned indefinately...
    without charge...
    without evidence...
    without a lawyer...
    without a trial...
    or even tortured or assinated...
merely for being accused of being associated with terrorism.

And ALL of us can be spied on.

But most importantly, we need to think about when the
"Never ending War on Terror" all began.

Ignoring the World Trade Center evidence is no longer an option!